CO2-Neutral Production

Ecology starts with the small things

As the top company for flexible packaging, since 2016 our global production has been fully CO2-neutral


From biofilter to CO2-neutral production


Regenerative afterburning RNV

The system has a regenerative afterburning volume of 25,000 m³ and is an extension to the existing biofilter system. Our printing machines are configured to prioritize using regenerative afterburning. The waste heat is recycled via a heat exchanger within the existing thermal oil installation.

11-Kleiner-Biofilter - Komprimiert

Biofilter system

Environmentally friendly disposal of process exhaust air containing solvents is completed biologically. The removal process is performed by the filter, made of natural materials such as bark and chippings.



We protect the climate with conviction – hence our voluntary membership of the Energy Agency for the Swiss Private Sector (EnAW).


Photovoltaic system

The photovoltaic system on the building roof boosts  O. KLEINER AG’s CO2-neutral production.


O. KLEINER AG and its pioneering role in Sustainability

Our development, from the very first steps to compensate avoidable CO2-emissions in line with the principles of „avoid-reduce-compensate“ to fully CO2-neutral production, to our latest developments for future generations.



Alongside investments in CO2-neutral production, we also focused our attention on developing sustainable packaging film.

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