Our developments for your packaging needs

Our specialties have been created in close collaboration with our customers


Our solution for easy, effortless opening without risk of injury

  • Manufacturing printed or unprinted films and finished ends
  • Available in aluminum or transparent options
Peelable cover films on rings

In tin plate or Aluminum
Valved option
High barriers with or without aluminum

DIGITAL PRINTING for flexible packaging - a success!

  • HP Indigo 25K
  • For industrial applications and customized packaging
Colors: CMYK basic colors plus white and special colors
Resolution: 812 dpi at 8 Bit (standard)
Machine print width 746 mm (untrimmed)
Substrates: all commonly flexible packaging industry materials
Sterilizable and pasteurizable applications DIGITAL RETORT
With metallic effect
Shortest "time to market"
Illustration with the dimensions of a special bag
Special bags

SPECIAL BAGS with valve, zipper and other options

  • Production of very convenient, attractive pre-made bags
  • Bags suitable for finger-safe protection until sterilized full canning
Stand-up bags / Three-edge-sealed bags in various options
Bags on a roll with zipper

We offer quick, personal consulting

Over 20 years ago, we were pioneers for environmental sustainability in the flexible packaging industry – and we have been continuously expanding our knowledge ever since.

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